2009 Submissions

Don't Touch The Hamsters Don't Touch The Hamsters Rated Stars THEY'LL HISS AT YA! Craig T Nelson Collection Craig T Nelson Collection Rated Stars Craig T. Nelson rocks my nuts! Robot City: Christmas Robot City: Christmas Rated Stars Even though robots have no specific beliefs, they still celebrate Christmas. Rush In A Tub Rush In A Tub Rated Stars Rush Limbaugh is a scat muncher! He munches scat! The Muppets Fun Time The Muppets Fun Time Rated Stars Nazi is dumb, and the whore is out. The Abe Vigoda Collection The Abe Vigoda Collection Rated Stars Abe Vigoda is the king of everything! Charlie Brown Fun Time Charlie Brown Fun Time Rated Stars Good grief! Sesame Street Fun Time Sesame Street Fun Time Rated Stars Come and play! Everything's A-OK! Bill & Will Bill & Will Rated Stars What the hell is this? Fairly Short Shorts #1 Fairly Short Shorts #1 Rated Stars A man tries to buy a soda. duck: poor duck: poor Rated Stars QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! Who Murdered Bob Crane? Who Murdered Bob Crane? Rated Stars I didn't do it! duck: hospital duck: hospital Rated Stars This cartoon is dedicated to the victims of 9/11. Never forget. duck: drugs are bad duck: drugs are bad Rated Stars DON'T DO DRUGS! Mayfield Cigarettes Mayfield Cigarettes Rated Stars Clean. Fresh. Moist. duck: birthday duck: birthday Rated Stars Holy crap! duck: duck in space duck: duck in space Rated Stars AAAUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! !!!!! duck: hotdogs duck: hotdogs Rated Stars Watch this and throw up! duck: count duckula duck: count duckula Rated Stars A duck and a chicken fuck shit up old skool! Gonna Be Your Man Gonna Be Your Man Rated Stars A music video I made for a MC Frontalot song. The Cloud Cartoon The Cloud Cartoon Rated Stars Cloud poop. Hanna Barbera Fiction Hanna Barbera Fiction Rated Stars Pulp Fiction meets Hanna Barbera. What more could you ask for? Comedy - Parody The Prank Call Cartoon The Prank Call Cartoon Rated Stars A cartoon about a prank phone call. Pirate's Life For Me Pirate's Life For Me Rated Stars A cute music video about pirates. Chuck Norris Through Time Chuck Norris Through Time Rated Stars Chuck Norris is a man's man in any time period. Bill Nye The Science Guy Bill Nye The Science Guy Rated Stars A fun music video for the Bill Nye theme. Don Rickles: Babysitter Don Rickles: Babysitter Rated Stars Don Rickles teaches how to be a good babysitter. David & Thaddeus David & Thaddeus Rated Stars A stupid cartoon for jerks! The Three Stooges Remix 2 The Three Stooges Remix 2 Rated Stars A Three Stooges cartoon. Apples & Bananas Apples & Bananas Rated Stars A magical cartoon about apples and bananas. Let's Learn The Alphabet Let's Learn The Alphabet Rated Stars The alphabet song. Dennis Parker's DVD Dennis Parker's DVD Rated Stars Crappy flash animations on DVD.